Part 2: Cultural Differences of Saudi Arabia

As an international student coming into the US to learn, and eventually work, it was obvious that the US was different from my home country of Saudi Arabia.

I struggled with stereotypes.

I struggled with everyday conversations due to not understanding high and low context communication styles.

I encountered issues with professors due to my polychronic time view.

I didn’t learn as efficiently as I could have because I was used to a high power distance between students and teachers.

I felt alone because I was used to a collective society in KSA, instead of the individualistic US society I was living in.

It wasn’t until I learned about the fundamental differences between countries that I could trace my experiences from solitary incidents to a root cause.

Ah-ha! I was finally able to really understand what was going on beneath the surface.

Living in a new country is a beautiful, difficult, and rewarding experience (read about is propecia safe
). Knowing what to expect and why can make the transition much easier.

This presentation outlines some of the most important differences in Saudi and US culture, but the principles can be applied to any country on the map.

I bet you’ll have your own ah-ha! moment.



If you missed it, Part 1 of my series covers basic information on Saudi Arabia as a foundation for understanding its culture.

My next presentation will be on the influence of Islam on Saudi culture. With all  that is going on in the world right now, it’s a must-see. To make sure you don’t miss more it, subscribe to my newsletter below.

Tell me about your experiences and cultural ah-ha moment in the comments below!

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