About Me

 Motaz Hajaj black/white
Again, my name is Motaz Mohammed Hajaj, born, raised and from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. And guess what? I am here to speak out on being digitally literate and efficient. I have more than 10 years of experience in the digital field. 
 I received my BS degree in Computer Engineering in 2007 from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly known as University of Missouri – Rolla). 
I received my my MS degree in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA -the heart of Silicon Valley.
I’ve worked in the industry for 5 years in SV and 5 years in KSA, where I have gained enough experience to share my knowledge with you. I’ve worked with clients from the tech, banking, construction, food & beverage, medical, automotive industry, and more .
We are in the middle of a digital age and it is about time that we catch up to be efficient before it is too late (look at Kodak for example). Transforming into the digital world takes time, so let’s begin!